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About Disaster.io:

Disaster.io is a game putting you in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to defend yourself from hordes of mutants and zombies, which is not easy at all. Disaster.io is basically a zombies-themed team-based IO game that players can join online for free in their browser. Whenever a match starts, some players will be chosen to be mutants and the other ones will be survivors. They will understand different missions! If you are one of the survivors, you must purchase a lot of weapons then use them to destroy all zombies before they kill you. Similarly, the zombies must go spread the radiation to finish off all humans. Both teams have to try their best to obtain the final glory, but they cannot without teamwork! Therefore, you have to stick with your team, help your comrades and bring your team to the ultimate glory. Let’s get ready for this battle now! Enjoy it!

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Move your character with WASD, click the right mouse to use items, drop items with key G, collect items with key E, open survivors shop with key O and use the mouse cursor to spin.

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