Gang Warz

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About Gang Warz:

Prepare your skills for another 2D Shooter game called Gang Warz – one of the latest and the best IO games to master! You should get ready for this combat then see if you can survive until the end. In Gang Warz, you will compete against enemies for the control of the streets and make an attempt to obtain your Street Credit. The whole arena is full of stuff, such as advanced AIs, vehicle support, strong weapons and so forth to see. You should go pick up handy equipment with nice weapons then use them to finish off everything standing in your way. You can get into a vehicle, drive it on many streets to dish out more damage to other players. During the course of the battle, it’s very important to keep you safe from enemy attacks, otherwise, you will meet your doom. Can you make it till the end and come out as the final victor? Wish you luck!


Move your character with arrow keys or WASD. Press key G to drop items, the left mouse to use items. Use the mouse to drive your car, key Esc to exit it, key W to use the car ability and spacebar to disable turning.

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