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Shoot your way to the ultimate triumph in KRUNT.IO! No need to wait for this 2D Shooter IO game to be out as right now you can check it out for free in your browser. The game will take shooting IO games to the next level when it offers to you many awesome features to explore. You are born into a map packed with cunning opponents. You must do whatever it takes to survive in this world and kill all enemies standing in your way. But first, go get some weapons scattered across the map, some health kits and other handy objects that can help you get through this mess. You’d better shoot down your foes before they have a chance to harm you first. Also, perform all actions quickly before the size of the map wipes you out. The goal for you in is to become the last man standing! Are you ready? Give it a shot!


Use arrow keys or WASD to move your character, build stuff with key Q, open the map with key M, reload guns with key R, jump with spacebar, run with key Shift, change weapons using keys 1-6 and shoot at enemies using the left mouse. 

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