- in 2D Shooter, Free For All, Upgrades
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About ShipWrecked.Space:

ShipWreck.Space unblocked lets you play as a dangerous pirate who has sailed his pirate ship across the oceans to battle against many other pirate ships controlled by real human players. A pirate’s life should experience ups and downs, especially tough battles that take place across the seven seas. So if you have ever dreamed of becoming a true pirate in an epic game, then ShipWreck.Space free online would be an ideal choice for you. You will have to defeat all enemy pirates using your fierce cannonballs shooting from either side of your ship. With in-game upgrades available, use them to strengthen your ship and make it stronger than ever. During the fight, make sure you exploit your strategies with good tactics to get an upper hand on your rivals. You aim to become the best pirate of all seas in ShipWreck.spaced online. Let’s enter the fray and battle it out now!


Move with the mouse, shoot enemies with the left mouse, use keys 1-4 or keys QWER to upgrade your ship.

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