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About Slender.Io:

Slender.Io is a 2D Shooter Team-based game that is suitable for all, especially the ones who love Slenderman game series. is regarded as the recreation of Slenderman, but this title features a twist! At the beginning of every round, there is one player who will be selected as Slenderman, and the other players will have to find 8 pages before running out of time. In case you are chosen to be a Slenderman, you can cover yourself in bushes, wait for good chances to ambush the human players. Keep in mind that when you become slender, you will have a much bigger view, therefore, you can easily sneak up on humans. In case you become one of the humans, you must find some things to defeat the slender. Try to gather the pages, go to the shop then use the pages to purchase awesome things, like a telescope, potion, a shield, or you can even disguise as a page. Don’t forget to team up with other humans to obtain all pages. Good luck to you!


Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement, click the left mouse for using items, use key E to collect an item on the floor, and press key G to drop items. 

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