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About is a new 2D Shooter game you can play in a browser for free. If you are in the search of something new to master your skill, then don’t miss out a chance to try this The game is situated in a large arena where you have to kill your opponents using the hammer in your hand. Whenever you come across a certain foe, quickly throw your hammer at him before he escapes. Don’t worry about your weapon because you can summon it back later easily. The more kills you pick up, the higher the points you will reach. Your main goal here is to top the leaderboard, meaning you have to kill almost enemies in this arena while making sure that you always protect yourself from others’ attacks. Try to avoid all incoming dangers, or else you will meet your end. Can you rule the entire arena and come out as the victor? Good luck!


Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Use the spacebar to dash, throw the hammer using the left mouse, and summon it back using the right mouse. 

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