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About Popsplit.us:

Play Popsplit.us online for free and have your skills tested through a lot of epic challenges! This is going to be another successful Agar.io clone offering awesome game modes, wonderful music and so much more. If you haven’t got bored with this kind of game genre yet, why don’t you show up yourself in its arena now? When you step into this world, you immediately move around the map in the shape of a small cell that needs to absorb a lot of smaller cells on the map to get bigger. Once you get larger, you will find it very easy to absorb other enemy cells, especially the ones that are smaller than you. But still, you need to keep yourself away from the bigger ones, unless you want to get eaten and finish your life in Popsplit.us. You can decide what play style you should use when conquering the enemies. No matter what you do, just make sure you get to the top 1 on the leaderboard!


Move the cell around the map using the mouse, press key W to throw out partial mass, spacebar or key 1 to divide cell, key D or key 2 to divide twice, key D or 3 to divide 3 times, key Shift for trick split, key Z for line split, and toggle the zoom using the mouse wheel scroll. 

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