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About unblocked is a game inspired by Minecraft. You can now play online in browser for free to experience a lot of challenges. You will start the adventure with just a pickaxe and sword then make your way through the map in an attempt to gather a lot of different resources. With a lot of resources that have been gathered, you can use them to trade with other people or use them to craft more advanced weapons to fight against enemies. Besides accumulating resources, you should generate some structures by placing some blocks down. You can create any buildings following your own way and gradually, you will have a big kingdom for yourself. If someone starts a fight with you first, use all of your strategies with good skills to defeat them before it’s too late. How far can you progress in free! Jump into the action now!


Use WASD for the movement, click the left mouse to assault enemies, collect items, or even place a block. Press the number keys to change an item, key Shift to sneak, open the crafting or shop menu using key E.

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