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About Cellulus:

Cellulus unblocked is situated in a microscopic world where you play as a little cell whose mission is to dominate all enemies. But first, you need to build up your size larger since the larger you are, the stronger you will become, and you will have more strength to outplay other players. Growing in size is such an advantageous thing when it allows you to squash the opponents easily. When you want to absorb the essence of enemies, you need to hover over them and quickly eat it. By doing so, your own mass will be much more increased. When you grow, you can grow the ability to throw the mass into an orbit of cells. These cells will help protect you from the outside dangers, also you will find it easier to absorb smaller cells. Just make sure you dodge the spikey green bacterium, or your cell will be split. Will you walk your way up to the highest rank on the leaderboard?


Control your cell using the mouse. Press key W to throw mass, spacebar to divide the cells, key D to split them twice, and use key Esc to toggle the menu.

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