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About Crazy

Crazy is a multiplayer game about jumping. It’s free for all and playable in a browser, so grab a chance to check it out now. You will be forced to fight against numerous contenders worldwide. All of you will step into a tough jumping battle where you must jump and knock out all of your foes before it’s too late. When you kill them, your size will be much more increased, meaning you will become stronger than ever. During the course of the fight, you’d better protect yourself from the enemy attacks because once you get shot, the game will come to an end, and you will have to restart the battle from scratch. Like other IO games, in Crazy, the main objective is to become the best and the most dangerous jumper! The game features a variety of awesome characters to pick from. You should try out all of them for more experiences! Good luck to you!


Use the mouse to move and release the left mouse to jump.

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