Monsters VS Humans

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About Monsters VS Humans:

Monsters VS Humans ! is a super fun MMO game in which players have to defend themselves from zombies. If you can stay alive at the end of the match, you will receive a certain amount of bonus. More importantly, you will become the winner in Monsters VS Humans ! Additionally, the prize that you have been granted can be used as the points to buy lots of items. Try to avoid or hide from scary creatures! Otherwise, you will lose. While roaming around the playfield, you will have the chance to collect power-ups and team up with many friendly characters. Building a group will allow you and allies to survive longer. However, Monsters VS Humans ! also offers another situation where you will take the role of an undead. Your mission at that period is to pass the infection to as many people as possible. Are you willing to launch the challenge? Good luck!


Use WASD keys to move around, the mouse to look around, B to buy items, E to collect objects, G to drop

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