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STARBOMBA is an amusing classic game including elements from Battle Royale and Bomberman. Explore a maze which can contain up to 100 players at once and prepare for the ultimate match for survival. Pick out the favorite hero and hop into the map where the last standing man will be the winner! The combat is launched after Earth is destroyed. And now, you are forced to eliminate other races to dominate. Always get ready to deal with the most dangerous situations, especially from explosions caused by your rivals! While moving around the playfield in STARBOMBA, you can drop bombs to remove obstacles or enemies. Besides, you are allowed to gather power-ups and deploy them to get special effects or grow stronger and kill the target easier. The battleground will shrink and push everybody together. So, deadly traps will soon appear. Let’s participate in the adventure and act up wisely! Good luck!


Press the arrow keys to move, Space to place down bombs, Ctrl to use items

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