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About Lordz.io:

Lordz.io unblocked is a free game to enjoy in a browser. Much like other io games, Lordz.io free game also pits you against plenty of wicked opponents coming from around the globe. You can play Lordz.io in full screen for a wonderful experience. In this title, you start as a solitary lord seeking out a lot of gold coins scattered around the map. These gold coins are crucial resources that you must collect all the time. With a huge amount of collected gold coins, you can call for plenty of units, including soldiers, knights, archers, barbarians, and dragons. Build up a strong team that is packed with those units for yourself, then take control of your team carefully to go defeat all enemies. Remember to establish houses to grow your population limit and place defensive towers to keep them safe. You have to make sure that you can eliminate all enemies for a chance of winning. Good luck with Lordz.io classic multiplayer game.


Direct the movement of your lord with the mouse, build a house using key E, build a tower using key R, call for a soldier using key T, a knight using key Y, an archer using key U, a barbarian using key I, a dragon using key O and split your army using the spacebar. 

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