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About unblocked is a strategy online game allowing you to discover the surroundings in a huge arena full of enemies. You will have an amazing experience in this building game with MMO style. Your mission is to generate various farms for collecting money for your coffers, and once you have a good amount of money, you can use it to develop your empire. The whole land needs to be defended when you increase your empire. To defend it, you have to construct forts! Also, collecting resources is a must thing to do as they can keep your empire thriving more. When there are some enemies around your kingdom, you can zoom out the map to find out what they are doing, at the same time, prepare a good army for the forthcoming battle. Try your best to crush down all enemies, break their castles and conquer their lands. Enjoy game now!


Click the left mouse to buy stuff and place units. Use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom in/out of the map, and press keys WASD to move view around the map.

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