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About SmashArena:

SmashArena is one of the latest Upgrades 2D Shooter IO games available in a browser. Jump into it now for another awesome battle between you and other online opponents worldwide. You have to make your way through a huge map trying to eliminate your opponents by dropping bombs on them. Also, you are armed with ridiculously awesome weapons to shoot, so use them wisely to your advantage, which helps you kill others more effectively. Be sure to defend yourself from enemy attacks! You have no ideas what they are up to, and their actions are unpredictable. Make sure you grab coins for more HP, outrun nukes if you continue moving, try sharp turns to elude the atomic rooster. Do whatever it takes to defend yourself for a chance of climbing the top rank on the leaderboard where you become the best player in SmashArena. Are you ready for this fantastic fight? Let’s partake it in right now! Good luck!


Use WASD for the movement, aim with the mouse, shoot with the left mouse, use items with the right mouse, and press key R to reload your gun.

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