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About Pucks.io:

Let’s have your skills tested in a new sports online game called Pucks.io unblocked. Playing Pucks.io free with a lot of friends from around the world is so amazing. The game features team-based physics gameplay in which you have to use your strategies and work with your teammates to score goals. The main task here is to pass the puck down the ice to score. You have to score as many goals on your rival team as possible for a higher chance of winning. Don’t forget to perform an extra fast boost to move fast and you may get an edge over your enemy team. But this boost will be run out, so you have to collect more crates to recharge it. In case you find it hard to score by yourself, quickly pass to your teammate that is in a better scoring position. You need to have good teamwork if you want to win the match in Pucks.io online. Have fun!


Use key W to speed up, key S to reserve, keys A/D to steer and press the spacebar to speed up.

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