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About allyourbasearebelongtous:

allyourbasearebelongtous is a good MMO strategy .iO game similar to the style of the Age of Empires series. It is available to join the red or blue team. You can recognize your allies through the color. Engage in the new challenge you do not forget two basic methods to become the winner. Firstly, if nobody on the other faction and at least 2 characters on the winning group found, the party with players will auto dominate. Secondly, there will be a win countdown that will be triggered when somebody gains a certain amount of points. In case you want to destroy the top competitor, you do not forget to devastate their base or have someone collect more scores than them.

To start allyourbasearebelongtous free online, you should set down a few barracks wisely. They will be the main structure. If they collapse, you will be eliminated instantly because the adversary will have the chance to progress and occupy your headquarters. Not only that, you are advised to put up a farm which helps you earn money. The coins you save are very important to buy more ranches. When you obtain a steady income, you will be able to recruit stronger units and purchase upgrades. However, soldiers will abandon you when you run out of that resource or die. They will turn into AI and spread over a wide area. Are you ready to play a journey unblocked and take over the realm? Much fun!


Press WASD to roam, C to check commands, B to open the shop, Y to destroy a building in front of you, O to unlock friendly gates, R to control the unit production

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