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About unblocked is an io game that can drive you insane when it pits you against too many skilled opponents. If you want to conquer it, make sure everything of yours is fully ready, especially your excellent skills. You will do a lot of things in this dangerous open-world game. You will embark an adventure where you must complete all challenging quests, at the same time, try to kill as many enemies as possible using various weapons and armor that you have already purchased. You are a true explorer in this free online game, so make sure you will overcome all challenges coming in your way. Another important thing here is to stay on guard all the time as the danger is everywhere, and who knows if there is a certain enemy sneaking behind your back? Defense is always better than offense. If you die, everything will be over. Jump into the action now and conquer it all!


Use WASD for the movement, interact with objects using key E, press the spacebar or click the left mouse to assault.

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