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About Black

Taking the inspiration from and Crowd City Mobile game, Black unblocked is a must-play game placing you in another city where you have to go eat more humans for your big size. You can play Black Hole game online free and try other black hole games that are similar to this one if you want. At the beginning of the game, you start with a small black hole moving around the city to eat more other holes controlled by real human opponents. They are everywhere around you, but eating them will not be an easy thing unless you have your strategy ready for this. You can sneak up behind them then attack them with surprises. Eat them all before they get away from you, but be careful with the holes that are bigger than you, or else you will end up getting eaten. The more holes you eat, the larger you are, giving you a chance to top the leaderboard. Let’s play and have some fun with Black Hole io free!


Use the mouse to move your black hole around the map and click the left mouse to interact and make your size larger

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