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Despite is regarded as a simple shooting game, it can offer many different formidable weapons for the intense match that you are joining. It’s possible to hop into a big arena along with multiple strong enemies from around the real world! will provide a fast-paced and destructive deathmatch in which the last standing player will be the one who conquers the top spot. Similar to Battle Royale titles, you are also recommended to search for weapons after you engage in You’d better make use of your tools and deploy the best tactics to eliminate rivals. Strategies, cooperation, or old brute force will bring back a surprising result. It’s available to sign up for an account to follow your own stats, levels. Further, you can unlock lots of fantastic items. Are you ready to select the mode you love and prove your skills? Learn about controls and begin now! Good luck!

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Press WASD or Arrows to move, LMB to fire, RMB or F to aim, Q/E/scroll the mouse to change weapons, Tab to check scores, Shift to view the Help menu

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