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Agario clones are so diverse, and is one of them that shouldn’t be skipped! It keeps players fascinated for hours and brings them a lot of fantastic challenges to conquer. Being inspired by the successful game called, this strategy free for all IO game features quite similar gameplay and promises to be much funnier. You will step into an arena that has numerous cells controlled by real human players. You direct one and have to make its size much larger by collecting a lot of masses across on the ground. As you eat those masses, you will become a bigger cell that is able to take on tougher enemies. You should launch your attacks to them carefully and try to consume while keeping yourself safe from others’ attacks. The goal of is to dominate the leaderboard to become the largest cell in the arena! Good luck to you!


Direct the movement of your cell using the mouse. Press key W to fire masses and spacebar to split.

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