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About HexArena.io:

HexArena.io is one of the best new iO games that you need to play strategically to be the top player. Similar to other tower defense titles, you will take the role of a commander. It is possible to pick out the rival you want before you start the match. Join the selected room with a small territory and you should expand it as fast as you can! Each time you occupy tiles in HexArena.io online, your ranks will be boosted up. Not only that, your income will be increased when you capture other people’s capital with their villages.

The money is an important resource in HexArena.io unblocked at school. It is necessary for you to build more houses, structures, upgrade them, and even train your troops or add more units to the army. When your empire thrives, it is simple to attack neighbors and defend your land. Are you ready to participate in the free competition and take over the leaderboard? Good luck!


Use the left mouse button to interact with your resources, WASD to control the camera, Q/ E/ mouse wheel to zoom in or out

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